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A nice MGC GT with a MGB V8)

British vehicle, the MGC is in a sense the small sister of the MGB, however C will survive him(her) only two years. Facing the oil crisis C space carries(wears) him(it) currency(change) in front of the gas pump, only one(only) muscular arms can come at the end of a steering wheel painful to turn(shoot) in the stop(ruling). It is moreover can be for that reason that the steering wheel of her(it) C is of big diameter to allow to have more strength in wrists.
Accusing 147 cv or 50 cv furthermore than the MGB, she(it) is for time(period) before her(its) exit(release), cataloged in the range of the powerful vehicles. However suffering from a train before weighed down by an engine Austin in cast iron of 06 cylinders, she(it) is far from making make rear(zoom) her(its) silhouette, she(it) weighs 200 kg more than B. While the MGB was built to more than 500.000 copies the MGC she(it) is built to 8999 copies.
At present, it is difficult to quantify the number of MGC still circulating on the French territory and even less at the world level, however we have him(it) still find a lot in Canada and in United States. On this site, you will find for the moment some information concerning this vehicle. I also arrange some boards drawings and plans electric with codification in English.









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